Input field

Input field block
Each input field is a block that has its own options.
The most common are displayed directly on block controls. You can simply enable or disable the required setting or choose to hide the label.
Input options
All other settings are in the right panel.
You can choose all html valid attribute for each fields. You can see all available attribute here:

Basic settings

Field basic settings
Each field has a basic settings panel. Here you can add:
  • Name: the name of the form as it will be displayed on submission views
  • Value: a default value to populate the field
  • Placeholder: a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field
  • Required: choose if the field must be filled
  • Enable description: show additional description
This settings may be different for each field.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings
In advanced fields settings you will find all additional settings for each fields.
If you want show a custom validation message, you can set it in advanced options. This will override the default ones in global settings.
You can also add custom CSS class that will be applied to the div container of the field and you can use it in your CSS if you want customize them.
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