Popup builder
This addon helps you create awesome popup in less than a minute.
Once installed a new menu will appear on the right. From there you can create and manage your popup.
Popper menu
Once created a new popup you will be prompted to a guided block creation.
On the inspector controls you will see a Popup tab.
Here you can manage the rules to display the popup.
Popup settings
By clicking on the big button on the right, a modal will appear. Here you can choose where will be displayed your popup.
You can choose where to include your popup and also where to exclude.
So you can enable popup on entire site, for example, but exclude on archive page. This is useful also to display different popup for different post/pages/products and go on.
Choose display rules
We have some example popup ready made to create with a simple one-click process.
You can use one of this as starting point and then edit as you want using all blocks as you prefer.
You can add button or also embed a Formello form.
Popup with image on left
Popup behaviour
By clicking on Popper block icon you will see on inspector controls all behaviour settings.
Popper block settings

Appearance behaviour

On the appearance section you can choose when a popup should appear.
Available options are:
  • Timer: this will display a popup after specified amount of time in seconds.
  • On anchor click: will display a popup if you click on selected anchor name. The anchor can be applied to butons in Gutenberg. If the anchor match, the popup will show.
  • On target visibility: the popup will appear when the element with the selected anchor will be visible in the viewport.
  • On scroll: the popup will appear after the amount of scroll will be reached.
  • On exit intent: the popup will appear when mouse go outside of the window. At the moment this will work only on desktop.

Close behaviour

You can choose also when a popup will be closed. Available options are:
  • Show close button.
  • Close popup when clicked outside.
  • Close on anchor click: you can add a button with an anchor to close popup.
  • Dismiss for recurrent visitors: you can choose how often a popup will be displayed to a visitor.
You have some settings also to change popup appearance, choose icon size, overlay opacity and border radius.
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