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Learn how to create your first Formello form in WordPress
Once installed Formello, you will see a new menu on your dashboard.
Formello menu
From this menu you can manage all your forms, create new ones, manage settings, view submissions and addons.
Formello Submenu
To start reating a y goes to "Add new" and a new empty screen will be created. From there you can simply choose the form block from block inserter or typing /form in the editor.
Once a new form is added you have multiple choices:
  • start with a blank form
  • choose one of the form presets
  • open library where you can choose from a variety of forms for multiple use cases.
Add form from inserter
Once you have your form in place, you can manage options or arrange and create fields. There are several blocks with many options:
  • Form: manage form actions, form general settings and display options.
  • Input field: manage options for different input type (text, email, number, tel, date, range).
  • Select field: allows you to create a dropdown select for choices or even multiselect.
  • Textarea: allows you to display a large inpute field.
Last modified 2yr ago